The Dead Blues Club Vol. 1 Reviews

'Rockers are a rare breed these days. Nevertheless, a modern hero made its way to us in the form of The Dead Blues Club, a solo project headed by Richard Gray'



'The atmosphere of the album is filled with psychedelic colors and bluesy tones... The musical fabric of the presented tracks is bright and heterogeneous. It is filled with original ideas and an extraordinary arrangement that calls into real blues dimension filled with sounds of stoner rock, post-punk and indie music.'

Indie Dock Music Blog


'An artful and psychedelic experience, The Dead Blues Club’s ‘Vol. 1’ is a remarkable smorgasbord of modern and historic rock sounds into a sumptuously smooth blues inspired alternative rock marathon of a record.'

Find No Enemy


'In addition to being a gifted songwriter, Richard Gray is a multi-instrumentalist. He performs on a wide range of instruments, including guitars, bass guitar, electric organ, keyboards, synthesisers, drums, and vocals.'

Red Rock Magazine


'An exciting adventure that sculpts a musical work of art.'

Sinusoidal Music


'The Dead Blues Club shows all its talent with the album Vol. 1.'

Roadie Music


'Honestly, I have a hard time labeling this kind of sound. The compositional approach is so free and without rules that it lives in its own limbo.'

Edgar Allan Poets


'Despite listening to a thousand songs daily, I couldn't skip any of them. The fifth track impressed me. It is my dream kind of music.'



'Filled with luscious textures and addictive riffs that stay with the listener long after the music has ended. The Dead Blues Club is leading the blues-rock genre forward in 2022.'

FV Music Blog


'It’s hard to believe that this is the first release from them, it seems like this is a band that you grew up with. They have a nostalgic sound that makes you feel comfortable. '

Rising Artists Blog


'Don't wait any longer to listen to this extraordinary project that will not leave you insensitive, even better, will make your mark for a long time. '

Iggy Magazine


'Whether you’re looking for something mellow or more upbeat, The Dead Blues Club has got you covered.'

Rock Charts


'The Dead Blues Club weaves a consumptive tale of loss and worldly dissociation through a gorgeously noxious palette. It’s a stimulating ride, for sure.'

Pitch Perfect

About The Dead Blues Club Vol. 1

The Dead Blues Club is a solo project from Devious Dogs' guitarist, singer/frontman and songwriter Richard Gray. He performs drums, percussion, bass guitar, electric organ, keyboards, synthesisers, guitars and vocals. In addition to songwriting, arrangement, and sound design. From the emotive performances to the songwriting, The Dead Blues Club explores and attempts to make sense of circumstances, experiences, observations and existence. Vol. 1 Was released under Devious Records on the 1st May 2022.